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It might look like you're ​Playing. ​but you know you're actually ​Working ​out there on the golf course.

Savvy business people ​understand ​Golf can create trust relationships​​​​​​ faster than any other method.

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Building Trust In 18 Holes​

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Use ​Business Golf To Grow your business. ​Done right, business golf​ builds trusting ​ relationships with clients and potential clients faster than any other technique you can use.​​​ done wrong it's​ a waste of time and money.

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Hi. I'm John Ashton, Host of the ​popular Golf Podcast,

​Those Weekend Golf Guys.

​Over the past 7 years I have perfected my techniques on using Business Golf​​​. I'd like to share that knowledge with you

​In This Guide You'll Learn:

  • Who To Invite
  • How To Invite Them
  • Where To Play
  • When To Play

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​But I Don't Play Golf Well!

No Problem. You don't need to play

golf well to do well with Business Golf

​But My Boss Will Never Go For It!

​Once the boss sees just how​ much business you're producing, he'll love it.

​I have built better relationships with customers in one day on the golf course than I could have with a month of Business Lunches. These techniques work!

Allen Bonk, CEO

Quantum Business Solutions

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