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FREE Live Master Class: Building Trust In Just 5 Hours!.

Z[g Ziglar said: "People will talk to people they like. But they will BUY from those they Trust

In this 45 minute Master Class you will learn how to build trust with clients and prosepcts quickly.

You will learn  to showcase your skills, character, and work ethic in a different light. Engaging in friendly competition on the golf course while adhering to the rules and etiquette of the game. This can foster trust and credibility, which are crucial for successful sales relationships. And it works even if you don't play golf!

Master Class Date Date:

Monday, June  5

Webinar Time:

3:00 PM Eastern

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In 45 minutes you will learn:

  • How Charity Golf Scrambles will alway get a new customer and an impressive ROI
  • Who to invite and how to pair your team together to guarantee a high ROI every time
  • Why you will get a high ROI no matter the cost to play in the Charity Scramble
  • And why this works even if you don't play golf.

You will also receive a FREE copy of our booklet, 7 Secrets To The Perfcet Round Of Business Golf

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Master Class Host:

John Ashton

HOST - Those Weekend Golf Guys Radio Show

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