​The Business Golf LIVE EVENT

Vastly Increase Your Business With Golf...Even If You've Never Picked Up A Club In Your Life!

​WHAT: ​A full day of Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to ​quickly and easily​                       build ​​​​​​trust with your ​prospects and clients

​WHEN: ​​Sunday March 29, 2020  10am - 4pm​

WHERE: ​Timbergate Golf Club.  Edinburgh, Indiana​​​​​​     

​Investment:​​​​  Just $270       
Presented By; Those Weekend Golf Guys

Learn Everything You Need To Know To Vastly Increase Your Business With Golf...Even If You've Never Picked Up A Club In Your Life!

​When You Leave The BUSINESS GOLF LIVE EVENT You Will know...

How To Arrange
​​The Perfect Round Of Business Golf

  • ​Who to invite
  • How to invite them
  • When to talk business
  • When ​not ​to talk business​​​
  • The mistakes that will kill your success
  • All your Business Golf questions answered

​​How To Play
Without Making A Fool Of Yourself

​A full afternoon session with Jeff Smith, PGA. The #1 Golf Instructor in Indiana who will show you:

  • An easy way to putt accurately
  • A simple technique to chip it close
  • The right swing so you'll hit it straight

​​How To Assemble
The Perfect Business Golf Foursome

​Learn the 3 people you need to invite to create a foursome that rocks for your next Charity Golf Scramble so that you...

  • recoup the entry fee at a profit​​​​
  • create 3 loyal customers
  • forge an unbreakable bond of trust

all of this PLUS a delicious lunch and some priceless networking time...just $297

​Who Are Those Weekend Golf Guys?

John Ashton: Host

John has been a radio personality for many years, and a mediocre golfer for even longer. Along the way he has learned many important lessons because of his love for golf. In the morning session John will not only relate some pretty interesting, funny, and entertaining stories of what using golf has allowed him to accomplish in his life but will also tell you:

  • The rules you must follow to do Business Golf right
  • Potential hazards to avoid
  • The 3 things your guest will judge you on
  • When is the right time to talk business
  • When is the wrong time to talk business
  • Who to invite for a round of business golf
  • How to properly invite them
  • And (just before lunch) the secret to putting together a killer foursome to make sure your next Charity Golf Scramble brings long term profit

Jeff Smith, PGA: Co-Host

​Jeff has been named the #1 Golf Instructor In Indiana​ by Golf Digest Magazing which means their is no one better to show you how to easily negotiate your way around a golf course, even if you've never picked up a club in your life!​​​​​​​ During the afternoon session Jeff will be able to ​show you a few secrets to get through a round of business golf without making a fool of yourself. And if you do play he will:

  • Help you find your perfect grip
  • Give you an easy way to read a green for more accurate putts
  • Show you the perfect swing for you for straighter shots every time
  • An easy technique to chip and pitch like a pro
  • One-On-One instruction to correct your most serious problems

This alone is worth the price for the day!!


​Business Golf Lets You Build Trust In Just 1 Day!

​There's no need to suffer through the endless cycle of Business Lunches and boring, in office meetings. And the best part? When you call a prospect to arrange a round of business golf, THEY RETURN THE CALL!​​​​


​Get To Know Your Customer On A Much Deeper Level.

​Just one round of golf can tell you all you need to know about a person. Are they honest? Are they quick to anger? What do they like and not like? But the best part, you will let them get to know you too. And that builds a much deeper relationship much more quickly


​Deals Are Struck Much More Quickly

​If you're a pretty good golfer, bring a contract with you. Wait until your guest comments on how good you are. Thank them and mention you're much better at (whatever your business is). Then hand them a contract or an order. Chances are they'll sign it.

And we have ​many more great ideas you will learn during the morning session of the



​​Who Plays Business Golf?

​Jim McCann - CEO of

 ​1 800 Flowers

​I have made many new friends thru golf and these contacts have been invaluable to me in the business world.

​Debbie Waitkus - CEO of ​Golf For A Cause

​A golf outing is a catalyst for developing and enhancing relationships that lead to business transactions

​Donald Trump  - ​POTUS

Golf is a brain game.​ It is both a game and a business tool​.It serves me on many levels. I love this aspect of business

​​The Fastest Way To Grow Your Business
you've never thought of

​You won't need to sneak out of the office to play golf.

Once you learn the basics of Business Golf it becomes Golf Your Boss Will Love

Just 1 day with us and you will be finding more clients, signing more deals, making lots more money

1 Day   Just $297

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​Here's How It Works....

​If you already play golf we will in the morning session:

  • Review the rules of the game you must know
  • Discuss the pro's and con's of on course drinking
  • Reveal a fool-proof technique for inviting the right guest
  • Step up your golf wardrobe
  • From what Tees to play
  • And all the things that seem so innocent but can quickly ruin all your well laid plans!

And In the afternoon session:

What's your main pain point? Driving straight? Chipping close? Putting accurately? Some one-on-one time with Jeff Smith will get you playing substantially better ​by your next round.

​If you do not currently play golf in the morning session:

You will spend some time in the practice studio with Jeff and in just a few hours will master at least one aspect of the game so you will become a contributing member of your scramble team.

And in the afternoon session:

​We will discuss how and why you should participate in as many Golf Scrambles as you possibly can. You will learn everything you need to know from where you can drive a cart, the basic etiquette of golf, the rules you really need to know and finally, How to assemble the perfect scramble team so you profit immediately from your day on the golf course.

​I want to come but I don't live close to Indiana!

​No problem! Simply tell us where you are and we will try to schedule a full day Business Golf Seminar close to you.

Tell Us Who You Are And Where You Are ​

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